Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

Halloween is over and winter is in the air. It’s time to get your fence prepped and ready for the upcoming winter. Here are a few winter maintenance tips for your vinyl fence. Side note: Vinyl Fences are basically maintenance-free.

Vinyl fencing is stronger and more reliable in harsher weather conditions than traditional wood fences and is more cost-effective than other metal fencing types.

There are only a few problems during the winter that could cause an issue with your Vinyl Fence. Here are 3 easy tips to help get you through the winter.

Keep Snow Away

Snow is typically harmless to your vinyl fence however, snow drifts and heavy amounts of snow can put a lot of pressure on your fence. Ensure you dust off the snow from your fence so that the weight of the snow doesn’t build up and cause any damage.

Keep your eyes open for build-ups of moisture that can cause unwanted mold. If you discover any mold it can be removed very easily by just cleaning the section of the fence.

Rake Leaves and Other Debris

Leaves and other debris can cause damage in the same way as snow. If debris builds up around your fence it can put pressure on your vinyl fencing possibly causing warping or other issues. To maintain your fence’s integrity try and rake the leaves and other debris around the base of your fence.

Added bonus! Keeping your fence base free of debris helps make it easier to deal with when it snows. Shoveling snow that’s built up on top of a bunch of leaves and branches makes winter maintenance harder. Don’t make things harder for yourself.

Cut Back Limbs

Probably the biggest danger to your Vinyl fence is tree branches. During the winter you have heavy snow and possible ice that can weigh down limbs until break and cause huge amounts of damage falling onto your vinyl fence. It’s better to be safe than sorry, cut back any limbs that threaten your fence during this winter season.

Be aware of your neighbor’s trees as well. Perhaps you offer them a nice pumpkin spice latte while you have a friendly discussion about their lurking tree limbs. Asking them to keep the limbs trimmed back as a way to avoid damage for both of you.

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