17 Tips for Closing Your Next Fence Job

You know they are in the market for a new fence, it’s up to you to close your next fence job. They have visited your showroom, seen your website or social media page, or called to ask questions about your products and services. Yet, they have not made a decision yet.

How do you-ahem-get them off the fence and turn them from a prospect into a customer? Here are 17 steps for closing your next Fence Job.


  1. Set a Deadline
    We all can put off making a decision to purchase a big-ticket item like a fence. Maybe the prospect is planning ahead for a series of home improvements. Or perhaps they are waiting for supply chain issues and inflation to stabilize. Maybe they just want to be sure that they are getting the best deal they possibly can. You can push someone closer to making a purchase by setting a fast-approaching deadline for a special discount price. Knowing they have a short timeframe in which to act can motivate buyers.
  2. Offer an incentive
    Think about ways to sweeten the deal by offering a limited-time bonus or extra service for new customers. It could be free installation or a discount on certain vinyl colors that help them choose your company for their new fence.
  3. Extend their warranty
    You know the durability of your fences, and it is a fantastic selling point. However, you can motivate a potential customer to take action by extending their warranty on your product even further as an incentive for a purchase completed by a certain date.
  4. Offer payment options
    Be clear about the financing options you offer. Give up-to-date examples along with the easy steps your customers can take to obtain financing.
  5. Offer cash discounts
    Offer a sweet deal or a free gift to customers who pay in full at the time of installation.
  6. Share new testimonials
    Satisfied customers can be your best form of advertising. Share new comments and stories that demonstrate your quality products and unbeatable customer service.
  7. Let pictures do the talking
    Recent photos and videos of your fences on properties in your surrounding community are the perfect sales tool. Post them on your social media pages, add them to your website, and send them in emails to your prospects.
  8. Offer educational information
    Share compelling facts and statistics about what makes vinyl fencing the best choice for a home or business property.
  9. Make sure you are searchable
    Thanks to social media and internet review sites, today’s consumers are more informed than ever before. Do all you can to make sure your company comes up high in the search engines.
  10. Create a buzz on your social media pages
    It is not enough to have a social media page; you need to interact with your followers often. New photos and videos about new fence colors or new installations can create interest. Also, do not be shy about posting about community events or your involvement in volunteer activities with local charities. This information helps folks feel good about doing business with you and your team.
  11. Add an FAQ page to your website
    How long does a vinyl fence last? How do you clean a vinyl fence? Think about the questions people often ask about vinyl fences and answer them clearly and concisely on your website.
  12. Use email marketing to keep in touch
    Forget the pushy sales talk. Instead, focus on why your company and products are the best choices for fencing.
  13. Continue the conversation
    We all know that there can be a fine line between being helpful and being pushy as a salesperson. However, no communication can mean no sale. Follow up with your leads with postcards, emails, and phone calls. Find out if they need more information and inform them of the new incentives you are offering.
  14. Ask the important questions
    Get to know your potential customers by asking them directly what is holding them back from making a fence purchase. Then listen carefully to their responses.
  15. Focus on solving problems
    After listening to your potential customer’s concerns, it is time to come up with some solutions. Do they have budgeting questions? Share your financing options. Are they concerned about the look of the vinyl versus wood? Give them the addresses of the new fence installation so they can go take a look and see the beauty of the fences you have installed.
  16. Share your story
    Your customers want to know they can trust your product and your company. If they have the contact information for a potential customer, you already know they are considering a fence purchase.
  17. Follow Up
    There is a saying in sales: “Follow up until they buy or die.” Many fence salespeople follow up once or twice. But have you thought of following up 10 times? Of course, you do not want to be annoying. But then again, maybe you do. Follow-up shows you care.

Your job is to convince them to buy a fence from you. By sharing your company values and goals, you can earn their respect and hopefully, their business. I hope these Tips help you close your next fence job.

Converting leads is both an art and a science. It involves knowing your fence products inside and out and learning about how your products can serve the needs of folks in your community.

Your successful marketing efforts have already brought you some solid leads. Do not stop there. By following these steps, you can take that list of contacts and turn them into satisfied customers.

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